CancelledGiven the Coronavirus and all the societal impacts this has created we hope everyone and your families are staying safe.

DIPAC in past years has called its Annual General meeting for the end of April to elect directors, review the previous year's financial statements, and appoint the auditors for the coming year. We also bring to the forum current topics that the board feels will be relevant to enhance members knowledge around the security of our INViSTA pensions. 

With the current upheaval surrounding the Coronavirus and the need for social distancing the DIPAC board had decided to defer the 2020 Annual General meeting until further notice. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and intend to call the meeting when it is appropriate to do so. To ensure the widest distribution of this message if you could please pass this information on to your friends/colleagues that would be much appreciated.

As the Annual General meeting is the place where the majority of members pay their annual dues we would encourage you to either sign on the  DIPAC.ca website to pay by credit card/debit card or mail a cheque payable to: Dupont/Invista Pensioners Association - Canada.

Attention :

Janice Daly Treasurer DIPAC
6424 Warbler Lane
Mississauga, Ontario
L5N 6E2

The Board is continuing to advocate for our members though the Canadian Federation of Pensioners or through direct contact with government officials. 

Stay safe and we will talk to you soon.

DIPAC Board of Directors

DIPAC is an incorporated not for profit association formed by volunteers on behalf of individuals eligible to receive current or deferred pension benefits as provided by Ontario Registered Pension Plan No 0242727, currently sponsored by INVISTA (Canada) Company.

While most individuals who are candidates for association with DIPAC had their retirement commence under the auspices of DuPont Canada Inc., over time an increasing number will attain the status of 'pensioner' as direct retirees of INVISTA (Canada) Company, under provisions of this same pension plan. If you are aware of such retirements, please inform such individuals of the existence of our association and provide them with information on how to contact us.

Many retirees of DuPont Canada Inc., or more recently of INVISTA (Canada) Company, on hearing of the DIPAC organization, might assume that when they became retirees they automatically became part of this group. Similarly many might also assume DIPAC is just another social or community volunteer organization. In fact neither is correct. As indicated, DIPAC is an incorporated volunteer organization composed of people (like yourself) who have formally created an association whose goal is to understand, protect and preserve one of your most important assets-- your pension and benefits entitlements. Being a part of the DIPAC association thus provides inherent value. While qualification for pension benefits, as provided by the pension plan applicable to the above individuals, represents eligibility for DIPAC member status, you are encouraged to Register with DIPAC and become an Active Member of the association.

DIPAC has no agenda beyond assuring pensioners are treated fairly and with dignity. Given the relationship of this goal to the success of INVISTA (Canada) Company, we wish them well, and hope that they thrive and prosper for many years to come.

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