All individuals eligible to receive current or deferred pension benefits as provided by Ontario Registered Pension Plan No 0242727 are eligible for membership in the DIPAC association.

On that basis the association's Membership By-Law reflect an approach which requires that individuals register with the association and annually remit the prescribed dues.

This approach will distinguish between those individuals who 'register' and those whose contact information is in our data base, but who have not 'registered'. For clarity purposes the former can be identified as Active Members, while the latter are designated as Inactive Members.

It must be recognized however, that the operations of the association involve a cost, and thus financial support is critical to the association continuing to provide a service. Recognize as well that only Active Members have a voice in the operations of the association, are eligible to run for association office, vote for office candidates and on matters of constitution, etc
Communications are only issued to Active Members.
It is expected that Active Members will e-Register (Online Registration) on the web site and create Login capability so that they can access those areas of web site information not being made available to the casual site visitor or to Inactive Members.

The association is of the view that privacy concerns should prohibit publication of all member information. Thus such information will be kept confidential within the association, and even in that instance will be available only on a "need to know" basis.

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