DuPont/INVISTA Pensioners Association-Canada

Print, complete this page and mail, with the appropriate Annual Dues, to;

Janice Daly, Treasurer, DIPAC
6424 Warbler Lane
Mississauga, ON  L5N 6E2

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  New Registration
Please complete all sections.

  Renewal Registration
Renewal Registrations should only include your name and any changes in other information since last registration.

Pensioner Information

Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________

City: _________________________________________ Province: ______ Postal Code: _______ _______

Phone: ( __________ ) __________ - ______________

Fax: ( __________ ) __________ - ______________

e-mail: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Year of Retirement: __________________________

Location at Retirement: _________________________________________________________________________


At retirement, did you elect to leave a Joint & Survivor pension payable to your spouse upon your death?
Forms would have been signed.... (1) which specified the pension to be paid, or...(2) a waiver if none was the case.
To facilitate continuing contact by DIPAC, if a pension was to be paid, please provide us with:

Name of Spouse: ________________________________________________________________________________


Annual Membership  - 1yr/$20 |  2yr/$40 |  3yr/$60 |  4yr/$80 |  5yr/$100

Please make cheques payable to: DuPont/INVISTA Pensioners Association-Canada.

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